Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 Reasons you should watch Offspring on Hulu

Screenshot from Hulu.com, Offspring Season 2 "Cheating on Your Test"

1. It's free.

Who doesn't love free television right, especially when it's good free television? While not every series on Hulu.com is free, this series is from Season 1 to it's current Season 5, so you won't have to stop between episodes. Let the story line flow!

2. It's Australia based.

If you like accents or are just seeking something that's different from your usual American sitcom, you'll love this aspect of the show. All of the actors accents are easy to understand and fun to listen to. They do use some slang now and then, but it's nothing out of reach from your understanding. You'll pick up on it quick if you typically don't.

3. Nina Proudman is a delightful, unexpected heroine.

Nina is unlike any character I've encountered in a while. She has a way of bringing the viewer right inside her head and gives you an inside take of what it's like to be Nina Proudman with humorous, awkward anecdotes straight from her conscious. The Internet Movie Database describes the show as, "The story of the impossible loves of 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman and her fabulously messy family." Her family is bonkers, but you will find that she and yourself wouldn't have it any other way! The whole Proudman family is a delight and you'll likely find that you want them to be your family too as you start watching. Through thick and thin, they stay together and it's quite charming.

4. Nina's boyfriends are not hard to look at.

Start from Season 1, go to Season 2- you'll understand. They're all gorgeous- absolutely gorgeous. I haven't gotten too far into the series myself, but so far- so good. Trust me. (It's okay to laugh slightly uncomfortably here.)

Have fun viewing!

Keep trendy,
Julia Rose

Friday, September 12, 2014

"The Fault in our Stars" & the 'Now'

By John Haynes Holmes, Donald Harrington,
The Community Church of New York [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons
I just watched The Fault in Our Stars for the second time in my life. It served as a stern reminder that I must read the novel. Again, it got me thinking about the question of oblivion and what it means to not be remembered.

I had to admit- I fear it myself.

I feel childish admitting that to a crowd of people that I may or may not know, not to toot my blog's own horn, or whatever you'd like to say. Sometimes you get views, sometimes you don't. (I think I'm beginning to answer my own question.)

Much like Gus, I think that I'm beginning to come to terms with myself that, in the end no one will remember you, because everyone dies. It's sort of sad, but mostly honest. Thinking about that as a person who is living is what makes it sad ,because we can't harp on that fact. If we do that too long, it gets sort of depressing... We must live for now, even if we know that now might not be so long- and who really does know how long 'now' will exist?

Don't worry, I'm not terminally ill- not that I know of. (Oh Karma, be kind to me now.)

Accepting that we all die is one thing. Accepting that we all will be forgotten is another.

Being forgotten means that things we do in our lives will be forgotten, yet, Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Whatever you do in this life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it," and he did a lot of things that people remember. Mahatma Gandhi died on January 30, 1948 in New Delhi, India. Much like him, we all have some expiration date. Some of us are aware of a projected time stamp, others aren't as conscious. In the end, for all, it's unpredictable.

For me, Gandhi's words are a bit difficult to interpret for my own sense of understanding. So, I'm forcing myself to think about it now. (Give me a second.)


I'm sitting here now, still thinking, wearing this pair of glasses that I picked up at Lens Crafters that I think make me smarter. (Jokes on me, I guess.) Of course, I don't actually think that, but I think they give a sense of something. They certainly make me feel differently, but add nothing to conversation or enhanced eyesight, as I am nearsighted and am sitting too close to my computer and it's actually kind of irritating wearing them right now.

(No, I still haven't removed them.)

What's the point? Maybe, like Hazel said, there isn't one. Though, she was talking about life, not a useless pair of glasses. So, there are some more difficult questions to outline...

Let's review, shall we?

1. Oblivion is inevitable.
2. We all die.
3. There's no point...

I don't think myself a cynical woman, maybe a woman with a healthy sense of cynicism (I hope), but I do think myself intuitive. Perhaps I shouldn't- I don't know!

If this intuition leads me anywhere in life, if it leads others, if it helps them or educates them, that will make me happy and I hope it makes others happy during their 'now', however short or withstanding that may be. (Yes, I am trying to use a synonymous word for 'infinity' as to not appear completely unoriginal.)

The truth is no one is quite original anymore. (That's number 4. -My number 4, I guess. [Not Alex Pettyfer's]. There's another lame movie reference/joke- anti-joke. [I get it, I'm not funny.]).

He won't remember me. He doesn't even know me! He can't. You won't. One day, you might have Alzheimer's and I'm okay with that. I have juvenile diabetes, and I have to tell you that sometimes it really freaks me out. I manage it well- very well. Don't worry about that. I'm a healthy person, but there is another realization (you can make this number 5. if you like [or dislike, I suppose]), that anything can happen to anyone at anytime, so we can't worry about our own difficulties. We can't let them stop us from focusing on our 'now'.

The point of living is to live and it's as simple as that. If we attempt to keep finding these more complex answers, these deeper, stoic reasons as to why we keep going or what makes us do the things we do, we might never realize that the things we should be focusing on are within this 'now'. Yesterday has happened and tomorrow isn't a promise. The idea of a tomorrow is kind of silly, because the truth is, we never get one. We always live in one time- in one 'now'.

A long time ago, some humans decided to pair numbers to accompany those slots. (I'm really fighting saying, "Don't you think it's time to pick out the lint?", so forgive me for even mentioning it in these parentheses. It's a senseless, stupid laundry joke or anti-joke, you could say, because it's not funny, like at all.)

Now I want to talk about belly buttons. Forgive me.

Alright- back to what I was saying.

The truth is, is that our lives are short, especially when you put them to numbers. There's nothing we can do about having no tomorrow. The only thing we can do is focus on our problem, goal, resolution, beauty, love, hate, sorrow, happiness and tenderness that is 'now'.

'Now' is one us. It's one you. It's one me and it's whatever we decide to do about it. One day it will be gone and like pixie dust, you, me and this blog won't matter.

Here's to all of our extended time frames and the acceptance of our 'now'. I'm still working on accepting oblivion, mostly because I really want to be on the cover of a magazine one day. Forgive me for my selfish desires. I'm sorry. I can't help but think though, that maybe, just maybe I'll get there. Sometime. -'Now'?

Are we Learning or are we Passing?

By Malate269 (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Did you immediately think of The Killers song "Human" upon reading this title? Well, that's neither here nor there, because this piece has nothing to do with that. I think.

I was sitting in a class the other day, who's course title shall remain nameless, thinking about my purpose in that room, enrolled in that course. I don't mean too sound philosophical or deeply thinking, because the question was about as honest as the aged hole I discovered in the wall where my chair was closely placed.

I wondered to myself if this was the place I should be right now. I wondered what I was about to gain from this experience, because two weeks in, I was finding little reason to be excited about the class. I was finding little value. That's just not like me.

I enjoy being educated. I enjoy learning. I apparently enjoy using the word 'I' in front of the majority of my sentences. (That's a joke.)

If I were to continue with this class, I realized something- it would be for a grade. Was I okay with that?

Not exactly.

Though, for the cost of tuition, I had to admit to myself- Wasn't that the point? What is the point of our college careers- to get a degree so we can get a job? To pass? To learn? Which mattered more and was it okay to admit that some of our classes are just for passing?

For some, I imagine, this is the case- that we are enrolled in school to get a degree. For others, I've heard differently: To find 'the one', to increase potential for future job security, to avoid being a part of the real world, you name the flavor- they'll drink the mental poison (or potion)- whatever you prefer.

My discrepancies surrounding the question "what is the point", however, ultimately led me to the following conclusion, that, for whatever reason- we are constantly seeking to find 'a point'.


When we are trying to find purpose or 'the point' of our presence, we often forget to enjoy or let the presence of something like a misinterpreted or miscalled class engage us with whatever they have to offer. Even if it's not the course we had in mind, whether that's literally in university or outside the hallways, exploring the world, having a conversation with a stranger, taking a walk through a downtown you've seen a hundred times before, attempting to take ourselves out of our own mindsets can sometimes be the biggest learning experience at all.

I didn't come to a 'final conclusion' upon realizing this, because I think that there's never a final answer. We keep learning. What I told myself though was this, that you shouldn't call or think something stupid or silly without giving it a chance to show you how you can become better as a result of a lack of stamina or intelligence. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most beneficiary.

Then again, sometimes, things just rot- and that's life.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

4 Reasons Why U by Kotex will become your BFF this Year

U by Kotex is a great product, and yes, it's great to have products available when you need them, but that's not the only perk of U by Kotex's free samples this month for their fabulous #SaveTheUndies campaign. When you try U b Kotex's new sample products like U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core or Security Ultra Thin Pads, feel free to keep the following in mind about being BFF's with your time of the month protection. Let your confidence rise, all year round!

"Back of Jeans" on FreeImages.com

1. U by Kotex respects your clothes:
- It has been my personal experience, that you needn't worry about wearing a new pair of jeans you just scored at the mall during your special time with this product. A friend that respects your clothes is golden, don't you think?

"Handbag" on FreeImages.com

2. U by Kotex is bag, backpack, purse, tote, (whatever type of thing you're carrying) friendly:
- A good BFF is the perfect accessory, right? Luckily, U by Kotex has a variety of products for you to carry in a bag, none of which are obnoxious (you know what I mean), so you don't have to worry about putting 'too much' in one place of your backpack or purse. You have to love a friend that helps you keep your little secrets safe, right?

"Money Matters" by sunifawaz on FreeImages.com

3. U by Kotex is affordable:
- As if you need another reason to be worrying about costs, right? Take the pressure out of your budget. Your time of the month BFF doesn't want you to worry about losing your cappuccino Wednesday sessions at Starbucks. Nobody wants that.

"3 Friends 5" by lusi on FreeImages.com

4. U by Kotex has a variety of options for any girl with any flow:
- Just check out their campaign landing page yourself: http://ooh.li/b48db77. You'll find a variety of products to try. Friends that are versatile & flexible are the most fun, right? U by Kotex helps to make your time of the month as easy as possible, and you have to love that kind of emotional support. Putting the 'forever' in BFF, am I right?

*This post has been sponsored by U by Kotex. Visit the U by Kotex campaign landing page to claim your free sample today: http://ooh.li/b48db77

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy Bee

Bee gathering nectar (13931156719).jpg
"Bee gathering nectar (13931156719)" by James Petts from London, England - Bee gathering nectar
Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I apologize that I haven't posted in so long.

It was a jolting weekend, to say the least, and I'm still recovering from a lot of exhaustion. Don't you worry though, this blogger is back on her feet and is ready to take on another week. I just wish coffee were involved, but my stomach is still feeling uneasy about that, since I wasn't feeling too great this past weekend. So, unfortunately, morning Jo is out of the question.

This week there's a lot going on for me at school and I'm still trying to sync up my mind and body. I feel that my body is constantly ahead of my mind, that is legging somewhere on Michigan Avenue, or wherever you prefer to also pretend that my brain is legging.

School feels like a sigh this morning, mostly because it is. I have a lot of homework to do already. I suppose I should have expected that, eh?

I love being here and I appreciate being able to get my education, but sometimes I just want to watch Offspring on Hulu and grab the nearest bowl of veggies and red pepper hummus that I have stored in my refrigerator and not think about anything.

Being busy is great and I truly do enjoy everything I'm doing, but when it's 8 A.M. on a Tuesday and there's no coffee, you probably shouldn't talk to me yet.

Pleasantly yours,
Julia Rose

(Keep trendy!)

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Power of a Tall Woman on The Daily Quirk

By Jakob Montrasio, from Germany "CEO Standing Tall" on Wikimedia Commons

Though my internship has concluded, as the summer has ended, The Daily Quirk is still posting articles that I completed during my experience with them. Check out one of my last pieces here:

"The Power of a Tall Woman: Eliminate the ‘Tall Woman Stigma’ and Own up to Being Your Sexy Self" http://thedailyquirk.com/2014/09/03/the-power-of-a-tall-woman-eliminate-the-tall-woman-stigma-and-own-up-to-being-your-sexy-self/

Enjoy &-

Keep Trendy,
Julia Rose

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#SaveTheUndies is Back

By FASTILY (Own work) [GFDL
(http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0
(http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

U by Kotex is back with their fabulous campaign, #SaveTheUndies, that helps women everywhere keep their cute pantie purchases from popular retail chains like Aerie or Victoria's Secret wearable. Personally, I'm a fan of both chains but am also a fan of Target's Gilligan o malley panties collection.

U by Kotex has been a favorite brand of mine since it's launching. They are an ally to all undies. Trust me! Plus, U by Kotex pricing is fair game for any college girl's budget. I promise!

That's probably what I love most about this product. You get quality protection for a great price. On a college student budget that is something I'm always on the look for. If it's not a good deal, I usually walk right by. Deal or no deal, am I right?

This product is definitely college girl friendly, but also works for women who are older or younger. U by Kotex has a pretty versatile range of products that are made by them for 'U'.

U by Kotex has a wide variety of products for women to wear, whatever your unique protection liking. Their products range from Cleanwear to Security Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core and beyond. To see what they can offer you and how you can get yourself a free sample, simply click here: http://ooh.li/b48db77

Stay tuned for more updates about how U by Kotex can keep you comfortable, protected, confident and feeling beautiful right here on Miss Trend She.

Keep trendy,
Julia Rose

*This post has been sponsored by U by Kotex.